38 Exco Members Pass No-Confidence Vote On Taraba APC Chair El-Suldi

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Thirty-eight members of the Taraba State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Executive Committee passed a vote of no confidence in the Chairman, Ibrahim El-Suldi, and allegedly removed him from office.

The aggrieved 38 members of the Executive Committee, said Article 21(d)(vi) of the APC Constitution gave them the power to remove the Chairman.

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In a statement, they accused El-Suldi of failing to discharge his responsibilities, neglect and dereliction of duty as well as misconduct.

“The chairman neglected his duties and lawful directives of the party. Contrary to the directives of the National Secretariat that the indirect mode of primary election should be adopted, the state chairman communicated to the Independent National Electoral Commission that the party chose direct mode of primary election,” the statement read.

“This has caused issues within the party, resulting in numerous litigations. This contravenes Article 21 (a)(iii) of the APC Constitution. El-Suldi has consistently absented from his office in the state, relocated and set up permanent base in Abuja, where he is abdicating his office by his failure, refusal, or neglect to discharge the duties and functions of his office.

“El-Sudi has failed, refused or neglected to call for SEC meetings without any justification. Officials of the party have been sidelined.”

The excos said that the party ought to be strategising and planning on how to win the forthcoming elections at this critical election period, adding that the importance of SEC meetings cannot be overemphasised.

According to them, “El-Sudi by his conduct has undermined our collective efforts towards winning the forthcoming elections.”

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