At 80 My Brain Is Still Intact, Says Pastor Kumuyi

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A file photo of Pastor William Kumuyi.
A file photo of Pastor William Kumuyi.


Eminent cleric William Kumuyi says despite being an octogenarian his brain is still intact.

He said this during the closing ceremony of a youth conference held at the Deeper Life camp ground in Ogun State.

Pastor Kumuyi, who is also the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, urged young people to follow the example of his vision, drive and push.

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“It is time for you to fly,” he said. “I’m still flying. I still have a vision, I still have a goal, I still have a project, I still have a lot of things. If I’m still flying, follow after me. Catch up with me and then go beyond and then I will see you up there and say I hand over to you.

“I’m much older than you are, but you see me standing, I’m strong. You see me walking, I’m strong. The mark of the old age, those who are going down, the mark is in the brain, the brain goes down, cannot read, cannot learn, cannot think, cannot do anything.

“When the brain is gone, everything is gone. My brain is still intact.”

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