At Least 12 US Troops, Civilians Killed In Kabul Blast

News Update
Smoke rises from an explosion outside the airport in Kabul.


Twelve US servicemen were killed and 15 injured in two suicide bombing attacks in Kabul on Thursday by Islamic State militants, the head of US Central Command said.

“A number of Afghan civilians were also killed and injured in the attack,” said General Kenneth McKenzie.

However, General McKenzie said the US airlift in Kabul will continue despite the attack.

“We continue to execute our number one mission, which is to get as many evacuees and citizens out of Afghanistan,” said General McKenzie.

“ISIS will not deter us from accomplishing the mission,” he said.

Meanwhile, General McKenzie vowed retaliation for the deadly attack.

“We are working very hard right now to determine attribution, to determine who is associated with this cowardly attack, and we’re prepared to take action against them,” said General McKenzie.

He added that US forces were “prepared and ready to defend against” possible further IS attacks.


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