itel Launches itel P37, Adds Laptop And Smart Earbuds To Portfolio

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The ideal smartphone must offer freedom and fun, and it must be fashionable, sleek and stylish. Global smartphone giant, itel understands this philosophy and has moved a step further to ensure you and other mobile phone users can truly enjoy better life as its new itel P37 launches in Nigeria.


The itel P37 is the brand’s response to your need for a device that is durable, tough and sturdy, and yet extremely flexible with amazing dynamic features that give you full control during work and play. Its breath-taking ultra-slim design at 8.9mm and 197g in weight, coupled with picture-perfect finishing, gives you that confidence you desire as you step out in style.



What you get…

What is a smartphone without battery power? With the P37, you get a whopping 5000mAh super-strong lithium polymer battery. This means uninterrupted talk, chat, surf and playtime for more than 24 hours without the need to charge. You can go on and on with a big, strong battery that helps you stay in touch with your loved ones all day long and have as much fun as you want.

With as much as 16 days on standby, the long-lasting battery gives the itel P37 an edge in the market, trumping the competition and ensuring you don’t get stranded when you need your smartphone the most. The battery saver feature also gives you the freedom to enjoy 10% more battery time for more talk and fun. What’s more, the custom charger ensures fast and easy charge for sustained interaction with family and loved ones.



But that’s not all, the P37 offers as much as 32GB internal memory and 2GB RAM; that’s enough room to store all your exciting apps, games, music, videos, and pictures, and move between apps smoothly without any hitches. Let’s break it down a bit; you can take and store up tens of thousands of pictures while you download movies and jams of your favourite celebs. So, whether it’s makeup photography, birthday shoots, or catching the moments at a friend’s wedding, the P37 has got you covered.


Still talking about pictures, enjoy crisp, crystal clear photography to help you slay on social media like the queen that you are and boss it every time you post a picture like a true King. The AI Dual Camera also offers great photos and selfies with its 8MP rear and 5MP front camera, taking advantage of its 6.5-inch HD+ Waterdrop FullScreen. If you love pictures, the P37 is nothing like you’ve ever seen, giving you a wider view and 3-dimensional visual effect just like you’re witnessing a live event.



The P37 is one device that respects official courtesy through its Flip Mute feature and sets your phone on silence when it rings out by a simple flip. The product is available in non-peel Gradient Purple and other variants like Gradient Blue and Dark Blue.

Complete Enjoyment with Laptop and Earbuds

In its desire to continue to create value in every sphere of human life, itel is also introducing its first Laptop product, ABLE 1 and the Earbuds T1 and Earbuds X. With its flagship laptop, itel seeks to address the three most important factors affecting personal computers; Processing Power, Battery Power and Storage. Its superior Intel technology, 1TB hard disk and 3000mAh battery give it superior performance to help you get things done.



Its sleek, slim exterior design with a diameter of just 19.9mm also makes it a beauty to behold. To cap it up, the issue of electric surge blowing up your motherboard or circuit every other day may just be a thing of the past with the itel ABLE 1. It is designed specially to withstand unstable voltage and prevent power interruptions as a result of too high or too low voltage.

And just when you thought you’d seen it all, itel comes through with the Earbuds T1 and Earbuds X. The earbuds T1 comes with a 1 charge for all day use feature, IPX-5 water resistance, touch controls, and Bluetooth 5.0. They also come in three delightful colours that are just the spice you need to brighten up your day. Then, the itel earbuds X comes with a star loop liquid metal design, IPX5 water resistance, and also a 1 charge for all-day use feature. One fascinating thing to note about these earbuds is how they are both stylish and ergonomic.



With four new additions to its portfolio (itel P37, the ABLE 1 Laptop, and the Earbuds T1 and X), itel is showing once more why it is one of the most user-friendly brands in the world. With itel, you can now do so much more, knowing that there’s no compromise on performance, durability, freedom, comfort, and long-lasting enjoyment. For more information about the launch, visit or @itelNigeria on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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