We Must Stand Together To End Violence, Imo First Lady Tells Women

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Imo State First Lady, Chioma Uzodinma


The First Lady of Imo State, Chioma Uzodinma, has asked women to join hands and end the recurring violence in the state.

Mrs. Uzodinma stated this on Thursday while addressing women during the grand finale of the annual August meeting held in the state capital, Owerri. 

She said: “I am here today because we must, as Imo women, stand together to play our part in putting an end to violence, a snare to us all.

“I am a woman, a mother, a sister, a wife. It is my responsibility, our responsibility, as the force that holds the society together, as the fabric that binds the unity of this land, that we stand shoulder high and be the change that we want.

“That we do our part both in our homes and in the society to move our government forward. Women’s inclusion in politics and governance is no longer a rumour; it is here to stay.”

She noted that every government needs the backing of women especially in the fight against human trafficking, kidnapping, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Every successful government knows that the backing of the woman is all the success it needs, which is why I am proud of the Government of Shared Prosperity for its involvement of the woman in the achievement of its goal and its fight against gender-based violence, human trafficking, kidnapping and the dreaded COVID-19 waves”.

Mrs. Uzodinma also disclosed some of the achievements that the office of the First Lady has made with the help of the Ministry of Women Affairs and other women groups in the state.

“The Ministry of Women Affairs and Vulnerable Groups through the Office of the First Lady, Imo State have provided a notable number of humanitarian services to Imo women and the girl child since the 3R Administration assumed office.

“The funds provided for this event by private donors and corporate sponsors will be used to, directly and indirectly, empower over 3000 indigent women across the Federal Constituencies and 27 local government areas in Imo State.”

August meeting is a congress held by Igbo women in August or September.

It is a homecoming for Igbo women both at home and in the diaspora and provides a platform to discuss matters pertaining to community development, and conflict management among others.

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